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New 700 bar service specialist in Croatia

Holmatro Industrial equipment added a new service partner to its network of 700 bar specialists.

Recently MAG Sistem opened its Holmatro Premium Service Center in Kaštel Sućurac, Croatia. A Holmatro Premium Service center helps dealers and customers to work with safe and reliable hydraulic tools. The service center is providing safety training, sharing knowledge and is performing repairs, maintenance and inspections of hydraulic tools regardless which brand.

Is your work equipment in safe condition?

700 bar hydraulics are safe to work with, and have multiple safety features to keep the user of the equipment safe. But regular maintenance and correct usage remain of great importance in ensuring optimal and safe usage during its entire operating lifespan. Inspections of 700 bar hydraulics can only be done in a correct manner by competent persons. To ensure the competence, all the technicians at MAG Sistem received full training from Holmatro, teaching them in hydraulics, repairs, maintenance, problem analysis, and inspection.

Enabling them to provide safe and reliable hydraulic tools. Now is the time to have your hydraulic equipment inspected!

Now is a good time to have your hydraulic tools inspected and scheduled for maintenance. If you want to know which tools you have purchased, please contact us. Together we pro-actively decide which tools are ready for maintenance and inspection to keep them safe and reliable.